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Fall Product Program

The Fall Product Program is one of two council-sponsored programs that combine exciting activities with money earning opportunities! Proceeds from the program fund both the troops and the council, while girls learn the Five Skills. Participating in the Fall Product Program is a great way to earn start-up funds for uniforms and activities for your troop!

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Fall Product FAQ

How Does Fall Product Work?

Girls sell nuts, candy, and magazine subscriptions to friends and family.

Where Do Girls Sell?

Girls sell to friends and family either face-to-face or through a secure
online program.

When Do Girls Sell?

For the 2022 Fall Product Program girls may sell in-person through paper orders or online for in-person delivery or shipping September 19—October 23.

Why Should My Troop Participate?

There are lots of great reasons to participate in the Fall Product Program:

  • Start earning proceeds to fund a trip or activities throughout the year! Troops earn 20%-25% of the proceeds from selling fall product!
  • Girls learn the Five Skills: Goal Setting, Money Management, Decision Making, People Skills, and Business Ethics.
  • Practice a smaller, simpler Product Program before the big Girl Scout Cookie Program! Girls will be pros by the time cookies roll around!
  • Council proceeds support innovative programs, camp property improvements, volunteer support, and financial assistance for girls who need help getting started with a troop.
  • Girls and leaders can earn a personalized, custom avatar patch that looks just like them!

Acces the Virtual Fall Product Training here

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Short trainings videos for troops and participants can be found here.


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Social Media Images and Posts

Are you ready to spread the word about the 2022 Fall Product Program? Help your followers on social media learn about the yummy treats and magazines available—also remind them exactly how your Girl Scout and her troop benefits from the program. We are excited to bring you more tools than ever to help your Girl Scouts meet their goals.

Access the toolkit and download the graphics here.


Fall Product Forms & Documents