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Current Reservations Calendar

Click here for the Current Reservations Calendar

GSK is excited to introduce the Current Reservations Calendar. This calendar allows you to look out at least 12 months and view what sites have already been booked, what sites are NOT available. This view helps troops and service units identify sites that are already filled and unavailable for dates they are considering.

Users can filter by site and site type: Day Use, Overnight Use and Outside groups. The calendar is in real time; just refresh the browser to check availability. Users select the GSK Property they want to view then select "All Reservations and Blackouts" to get a complete visual of what is unavailable.

Please remember that you are able to reserve sites up to seven months in advance. GSK reserves program sites up to a year in advance. Click the link above to see the current reserved listings.

How to Use the Current Reservations Calendar

  1. Switch "Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana" dropdown to the camp you want to view. Please note that meeting rooms in the Louisville office building are listed under the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana drop down.
  2. "All Reservations" selection will show you currently booked reservations and blackout dates.
  3. Select "All Categories" to filter for a specific use of site at the camp.
  4. "More..." indicates there are additional sites reserved that only show by clicking on the "More..."  Click on "More..." to display all current reservations for that date.
  5. If you hover your mouse over a specific entry you can see the date and time the reservation covers.
  6. Orange boxes indicate blackout dates. If an orange box is shown on a date, it indicates the camp/site/or equipment named is unavailable. Entire camp/sites/equipment may have a "blackout" status for scheduled council programs and events, seasonal use, holidays and/or maintenance.
  7. Use the directional arrows to navigate through the months or days on the calendar. Clicking on ">" will move you forward; clicking on "<" will move you backwards.
  8. At the top there is a drop down under “Make a Reservation” which will take you to a specific site the Doubleknot reservation system.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Volunteer Care 888-771-5170 or email