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Stem Adventure Center

2665 Crosier Road S.E., Laconia, IN 47135

Located on the Ohio River in Laconia, Indiana, Camp Stem is used for  Day Camps in June. This is the largest of the camps operated by Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana as measured in acreage. It’s over 1,400 acres and has many miles of hiking trails, from an easy one-mile trail to a hilly and difficult five-mile trail.

While at camp, if you see something that needs to be repaired, please let us know by clicking on the following link. Working together we can keep our properties safe, clean and beautiful!

To donate needed items to Stem please visit our Amazon Wish List.

Facilities at Stem Adventure Center

Kornhauser Lodge: This four season building is the largest at Camp Stem, with a sleeping capacity of 30 and seating capacity of 76. Kornhauser Lodge is heated, has a large kitchen, and restrooms with showers. There are lots of covered outdoor patios surrounding the lodge.

Honeysuckle Lodge: This lodge is also a four season building. It has a sleeping capacity of 24 and seating capacity of 32. Honeysuckle Lodge is available year round, is heated, has a kitchen, and restrooms with showers.

May Kendall Shelter and platforms: This three season shelter sleeps 18 and there are four platforms where additonal tents can be pitched. Cooking is done over a fire and there is a nearby pit latrine for restrooms and frost-free faucet for water. This shelter can be rented from April 15 through October 15. A wood burning stove is the heat source. For winter rental, please contact the Council office.

Picnic Pavilion: For day use only, the Picnic Pavilion seats 30 people and has a pit latrine, fire circle, and frost-free faucet nearby.

General Facilities: Water at the picnic pavilion and outdoor latrines is on between April 15 and October 31.

Unique Activities at Camp Stem

  • Hiking: Camp Stem has many miles of hiking. The four trails are clearly marked and all start near the Picnic Pavilion and main parking lot. Please follow the guidelines on hiking Girl Scouts Safety Activity Checkpoints
  • High Ropes Course
  • Caving

Girl Scout of Kentuckiana require all users of our camps to have training. More information on required training is available here. To make a camp reservation click on the “Reserve Camp” button at the top of the page. 

Pricing and information can be found in the online reservation information.


Please look at the Safety Activity Checkpoints for activity descriptions.

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