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Camp Properties & Reservations

The Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana has seven camp properties throughout the council. There is a camp property within two hours of all members of our council, and most members are significantly closer. Some of the camps are groomed and 'tamed'; some are more wild and natural. Properties in the council range from a 12 acre park like facility to a 1,400 acre wooded wilderness, and each provides a unique experience for the camper.

Girl Scout camping offers girls the opportunity to learn to live comfortably in the out-of-doors, to develop their awareness of the world around them, to become more self-reliant, and to be a contributing member of the group. Girls may attend camp with girls in their own troops, in their neighborhood, or as individuals. Camping offers the opportunities to gain knowledge and skills through troop camping, day camps or camporees, resident camp or through our unique adventure program.