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Welcome to GSK University

The success of Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana depends on the quality and strength of the volunteers that deliver meaningful programs to the girls.   The ability of volunteers to deliver program is strengthened by quality training provided by our training team here at GSK University (GSKU).   Our commitment to you is to provide the tools and trainings you need to be a confident and successful volunteer.

GSKU volunteer trainers strive to provide high quality training that inspires the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

GSK University (GSKU) provides trainings for you in a variety of ways to include online, webinar, in person, or in a weekend format.  We encourage every volunteer to take the time to attend a training session or training weekend.   We are confident that you will walk away with new skills and ideas, as well as some new and renewed passion for Girl Scouts.   The training schedule along with registration for each session can be found on our activities tab.

Thank you for your dedication to building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place!

GSK University Training Team



New Volunteers

Get started with Essentials Training at

Training Delivery Options

eLearning Online Session

DigitalChalk is an online training platform that allows us to track a volunteers paticipation in both online and in-person training sessions.

New volunteers will receive an email invitation to join DigitalChalk once they have registered and their background check has been approved.

Log on to to start training today!

Why Online Training?

Today’s learners desire 24/7 access to learning resources that they can review at their own pace and convenience.

By providing more online options for volunteers we can:

  • Offer an improved, positive volunteer experience.
  • Provide a broader delivery of our Girl Scout programming.
    Offer volunteers the resources they may not seek out on their own or even know to look for.
  • Utilize content which may be produced by other Girl Scout councils around the country.
  • Create meaningful connections between educators and volunteers.
  • “Use our resources wisely” by delivering more content with less financial cost.
  • Increase the number of volunteers accessing required training and enrichment resources.
  • Create more dynamic content that can be updated quickly and easily.

The most significant benefit is that, by offering information via online learning resources, volunteers will be able to use their in-person training time more efficiently.  Rather than spent most of our in-person time on information sharing, we can spend that time on higher-level thinking and discussion.

Virtual Classroom
GoTo Webinar

GSK uses GoTo Webinar to broadcast our virtual taining sessions.

Virtual Trainings are done online with a computer where the participant and instructor are in separate locations.  They are designed to simulate a traditional learning experience while providing flexibility for the participant and instructor. During a virtual session, the participants and instructor are able to have open conversation, ask and answer questions, and share ideas and tips. Networking is possible during virtual training sessions!

Log on to MY GS to find an virtual training that works for you.

Training Weekends
Training Weekends 

Training Weekends offer everything you need to have a successful and fun troop year!

You can drop by for just one class, stay all day, or enjoy the whole weekend at camp.   You can customize your weekend with training opportunities that fit your needs. Along with leader to leader networking, you can also take workshops for troop camping, archery, badge work, grade level, enrichment courses and more.

2019 Training Weekends

Spring Training Weekend
Camp Pennyroyal
April 12-14, 2019

Outdoor Training Weekend
Camp Shantituck
May 17-19, 2019

Aquatics & More Training Weekend
Camp Bear Creek
August 23-25, 2019

Autumn Adventure Training Weekend
Camp Shantituck
October 11-13, 2019

Log on to MY GS to register for training weekends.

In Person Sessions

GSK Volunteer Trainers offer in-person training sessions outside of training weekends and events. Classes are added on a regular basis. The training schedule along with registration for each session can be found on our activities calendar.

Log on to MY GS to find a training session near you.


Be a GSK Council Trainer!

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana University (GSKU) Trainers play a vital role in the delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.  By showing adults who work with girls how to deliver the program, you empower them to provide girls an exceptional experience while also impacting your own experience.  Make a valuable impact today!

How to Become a Trainer
Steps to becoming a volunteer trainer:
  1. Attend a class that you would like to train
  2. Fill out a Trainer Application
  3. Complete interview with Manager of Volunteer Development
  4. A Mentor Trainer will reach out to you
  5. Shadow your Mentor Trainer
  6. Co-train (Observed by Mentor and/or Lead Trainer)
  7. Attend Train the Trainer* (can be done any time after step 3 and before step 8)
  8. Train as lead trainer (Observed by Mentor)
  9. Manager of Volunteer Development will contact you with next steps.

*Train the Trainer is required before you can be a Lead Trainer. Train the Trainer is offered twice a year; Autumn Adventure Training Weekend and Spring Training Extravaganza. A new trainer is encouraged to continue to co-train until they can attend Train the Trainer.




*If you have trouble loging on to MY GS contact Volunteer Care through the Contact Page or call 1-888-771-5170.