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Festival of the Arts

With Festival of the Arts, the possibilities are wonderful! Girl Scouts get up to three arts experiences during this daylong event that has been held for over 45 years. Festival of the Arts (FOA) is a fun and engaging event for Girls Scouts of all levels to explore and includes nearly every genre of arts including dance, drama, visual arts, and more! FOA is held on the second Saturday in November with unique community partners.

Our brochure is now available! Click here to check out the brochure. Registration is open. Click here to get started!

Festival of the Arts will be held in person on November 13 at unique locations throughout Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana. The cost is $15 per Girl Scout and $15 per adult. For Girl Scouts, this fee includes admission to three programs: Workshop, Event, and a Performance, Exhibit, or Tour (PET), as well as a commemorative Festival of the Arts patch. Adults can attend Events and PETs and will receive a commemorative patch; however, they may not participate in workshops due to extremely limited space.

Click here for the Festival of the Arts brochure.

How to Get Started

Read the brochure thoroughly and learn what is available for your grade level. Take time to determine what program options you would like to attend – try something new and different! Determine confirmed numbers of ALL adults and girls who will be attending before registering your troop for FOA. The registration pro­cess is designed to be fair to all—new and experienced troops—and to allow time for girls to be included in the decisions about their program selections.

Discuss with your troop what all of you would like to attend. In choosing, be flexible and select alternative choices. One purpose of the Festival is to introduce new art forms to girls –so try something new and plan for variety!

You may attend a total of three programs during the day.

  • No more than ONE program in the Events category.
  • No more than ONE program in the Workshop category.
  • All three programs may be in the Performances, Exhibits and Tours (PETs) category.

You do not have to fill all three time periods. Please be sure to note how many programs you want to attend. Programs are located throughout Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana, so be aware of your travel times. Please note that all times listed are Eastern.

How to Register

Click here to Register

Make your program selections and list the number of patches you need. Please fill this form out as thoroughly as possible.

Register everyone in your troop at the same time! Take time with your troop to determine what program options they would like to attend—try something new and different! If you need to add girls or adults to your troop after the first draw deadline, any previously scheduled programs will be released, and your troop will be scheduled (or rescheduled) with other troops who register on the day of your addition.


After completing the registration form, pay with a debit or credit card. You may also pay by check or Kentuckiana Credits. Using Kentuckiana Credits to pay for FOA? Reach out to your Membership Experience Coordinator or to Volunteer Care at 888-771-5170 to get your Kentuckiana Credits processed.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may apply for a refund ONLY if you meet ALL of the following conditions.

  • Selected five programs from the Performances, Exhibits, and Tours (PETs) category
  • Selected five workshops from your program level category.
  • Your troop as not placed in any of your selections.

If your troop was not given any of their original choices, you will be contacted and offered alternative choices. If these alternatives are not satisfactory, you may ask for a refund at that time.


Contact the Festival of the Arts Desk at or call Volunteer Care at 888-771-5170.