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Online Training

 Core Courses

GS 101

Go to http://training.girlscouts.org/

Click: Girl Scouting 101
Password:  aboutGS101         (the password is case sensitive)
Fill out the registration:  name, address, etc.  Our council name is: Kentuckiana.  Click:  Submit
Click Instructions:  This will explain the procedure for the training.
Click Resources:  This will suggest ideas how to work with your grade level girls.

IMPORTANT – Please fill in the correct council name to receive training credit. This is the only way we have to verify you have completed the required course.

Troop Pathway Orientation

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana online TPO course.  When you finish the course please go to this link to take a short assessment.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TPOAssessment


Working with Girls

How to Have Fun With Purpose With Girls


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