Become a Volunteer

Begin your volunteer journey by completing the following requirements:

1. Volunteer Application  - Please fill out all pages and return it to our office.  Completing the volunteer application will allow us to conduct a background check and also help us match your goals and skills to the positions we have available. We are sure you understand the importance of completing a background check on our volunteers when working with children. The application and background check are kept on file in the office and all information remains confidential. 

RS 503 - Volunteer Application and Background check

2. GSUSA Girl Scout Registration  – to be a volunteer for our organization, adults will need to be registered as an adult member.   Membership is $15 for the 2013-2014 troop year.

  2014 Adult Registration Form                Register online

3. Background Check -  Adult volunteers working directly or indirectly with girls for GSK will be required to have a background check.  All adults must be a registered Adult Member before the required background checks can be conducted.  

April 1, 2013, all adults will be required to cover their own background check fee of $12.50. Payment Options:

 - ONLINE: secured site to enter your information privately and GSK will only see the background check results. 

CASH - in person at any PLC

CHECK - mail or in person to any PLC (payable to GSK)

-  CREDIT CARD - mail or in person to any PLC

4. Required Girl Scouting 101 training
• Go to
• Click: Girl Scouting 101
• Password:  aboutGS101         (the password is case sensitive)
• Fill out the registration:  name, address, etc.  Our council name is: Kentuckiana.  Click:  Submit
• Click Instructions:  This will explain the procedure for the training.
• Click Resources:  This will suggest ideas how to work with your grade level girls.

IMPORTANT – Please fill in the correct council name to receive training credit. This is the only way we have to verify you have completed the required course.

If you have questions, please contact:  Rachel Ray, Volunteer Services Administrative Assistant at 502-716-7231 or 888-771-5170, ext. 20000.

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