Troop Pathway

Troop PathwayThe Troop Pathway is the most traditional pathway for Girl Scouts and allows girls an opportunity to spend time and work together with other girls. A group of girls, meeting on a regular schedule, in partnership with two or more appointed adult supervisors, is known as a troop. Troops must have at least five girls and can be much larger; the recommended numbers are 12-15 girls per troop.

The girls in a troop may be the same grade level and from the same school – or have mixed ages and include girls from many different schools, including home-schools and private schools. Troops often meet after school, but meeting times, locations, and frequency are dependent on what works best for the girls and their advisors. Special projects and events may also occur on various evenings and weekends. The troop year is nine to twelve months, spanning the length of a school year. Girls may join at any time during the membership year.

Troops provide the framework for girls to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, in which girls discover themselves, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place. Troops meet for the enjoyment and benefit of the girls and meetings are built around the girls’ ideas and common interests. Together, the girls will participate in a series of programs, attend events, take road trips, sell cookies and conduct other fund-raising events, participate in service projects, and earn badges, awards, and other recognitions … whatever the girls choose to do because troops are girl-led! Individual girls within a troop can work toward awards/badges, or the entire troop can work together to earn them. Troops coordinate many of their own activities but may also participate in council-wide programs.

Girls in troops can also participate in other Girl Scout programs and events in addition to the activities that their troop chooses. Any girl in a troop who wants to camp or travel may participate in any pathway she chooses.

Note: A troop that also goes camping or travels as a group is still operating in the troop pathway (not the camp or travel pathways).

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