January 1, 2015 – There's Something Amazing Inside

1. Why are two girls and two adults required at every booth?
GSUSA requires adult supervision at all troop activities. While it may seem excessive in some cases, GSK supports GSUSA guidelines in ensuring the girls are safe and properly supervised at all times.

2. Why is important to get prior approval for a private booth location?                                                             
Approval insures that the location is appropriate for a booth sale and makes the location available to other girls/troops on other dates or in future years.

3. Why don't we have Girl Scout labeled items as rewards?
Reward items are offered by the product vendor and can be provided in mass quantities for minimal cost.  Offering Girl Scout labeled items would require GSK to purchase the items initially, at a lesser discount, and store unallocated items indefinitely.  Little Brownie Bakers often includes some GS branded items in their selections, but girls have not chosen them.

4. How can the troop participate in Gift of Caring without hampering its cookie booth inventory?
Cookies sold for Gift Of Caring do not have to be allocated from the troop's available booth cookie inventory.  Cookies for this purpose can be obtained directly from the cookie cupboard during the period between the end of booth sales and completion of the cookie program. Contact the council office to handle the details.

5. What can we do with the cookies we still have after booths are over?
Hopefully, a troop transfers cookies to other troops in need of cookies during the last few days of booth sales. Leftovers can also be used as a Gift of Caring donation or saved for future troop meeting snacks. However, large amounts of cookies remaining after the end of booth sales may be sold at private sales and/or booths until the last day of May, provided they are scheduled through the service unit office.

 6. What could a cookie booth look like?
It could be a traditional booth with a minimum of 2 girls and 2 adults at an approved and schedule location, with management permission. Booths cannot be scheduled near an establishment whose primary business is the sale of alcohol or tobacco products. A minimum of two girls selling cookies, supervised by two adults, at an establishment with which at least one of the Girl Scouts has a personal relationship. This includes a girl's church, a parent's place of employment, or a relative's business.  This type of booth is listed as a My Sales booth in ebudde booth scheduler, and is approved by council or the service unit cookie chair. A drive through booth must be set up in a safe location, following standard booth safety rules, and approved by council or service unit cookie chair as any other booth.

7. Can non-Girl Scouts be at a cookie booth?
No. Only registered Girl Scouts along with volunteer-approved adult supervisors are allowed at cookie booths.  Younger siblings and non-related, non-Girl Scout adults are not allowed at booths.

 8. Why is the cash option only available to Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors?
Girls at these levels are more frequently financing troop or destinations trips and, therefore, find a cash option more desirable than the rewards which are most often tailored to younger Girl Scouts.  Studies show that younger girls (Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors) are more motivated by the rewards than the thought of getting additional cash for their troop.

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