Daisies: Between Earth and Sky

 The flower friends take a cross-country road trip that invites Daisies to explore what sprouts up across the country as they learn how to protect what needs protecting!  As Lupe and her flower friends zip along in Lupe’s petal-powered car, the Daisies witness some wonders and woes of nature, and are on their way to earning their Clover (use resources wisely!), Blue Bucket, and Firefly awards.

Journey in a Box

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Brownies: WOW! Wonders of Water

 The Brownie friends explore the Wonders of Water and Ways of Working as a team.  Brownie ELF is back for the VERY Wet Elf Adventure.  In real life, the Brownies might just hold their own “Green” Tea for the Blue Planet as they earn their Love, Save, Share, and Wow awards.

 Journey in a Box

Brownie Wonders of Water.pdf

Juniors: Get Moving!

 Girls explore the energy used in their places and spaces, and the energy of getting themselves from here to there. A new comic story, “Vamos Ya!” will inspire the action (walking school bus, anyone?) and Dez, the fashionista spider, is back with some wit as she tries to figure out life “off the grid.” Along the way, Juniors can earn Energize, Investigate, and Innovate awards!

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Cadettes: Breathe!

 Cadettes engage all five senses as they clear the air - their own and Earth’s. While measuring air quality and acting to improve it, girls also find their flair, think about “hair,” and perhaps try an éclair. From cigarette smoking to deforestation, they get an aerial view for many issues! As girls become more Aware, they Alert others, and then Affirm their impact as they add these three uplifting awards to their collection.

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Cadette Breathe.pdf

Seniors: Sow What?

 Girls investigate the food network. (No, not cable—the real one that gets each piece of food to the table.) As they ponder the “dirt” on land use around the world (corn’s a big issue!), girls think about who and what they can cultivate en route to earning the Harvest Award.


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Senior Sow What.pdf

Ambassadors: Justice

 Through the ages and across the world, people have yearned for justice. And yet justice—for Earth and all its inhabitants—continues to elude us. As Ambassadors do the math and create their own unique equation for justice, they will find that they are also networking and gathering ideas for college and careers. Ultimately, they can add the Sage Award to their list of accomplishments.

Journey in a Box

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