Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Girl Scout organization is life-long. You will gain new friends, establish a closer bond with old friends and even gain contacts within the community.

Girl members have the chance to join in Kindergarten and can continue until the 12th grade. All activities are customized for the needs of girls in these age groups. For older girls, you will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities, including travel and career exploration. Adult membership is essential to this organization. You can affect the lives of girls in your area and share your experience—this can be life changing.  You can also receive valuable training that can benefit not only the organization but your career. View more information on becoming an adult member.

Girls or adults can begin their membership by filling out a Girl Registration form or an Adult Registration form. For girls, membership fees are $15.00 a year for national dues (which go directly to GSUSA), plus $15.00 for a council service and programming fee (this applies to girl members only.)  For adults, member fees are $15.00 a year.  To begin the registration process please click on the following link


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