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Camp In B & Camp Out

Fri Feb 24, 5:00 PM - Sat Feb 25, 5:00 PM CST
Adult Training

This session will be held at Bear Creek Aquatic Camp and offers both Camp In B and Camp Out. If you attend, you MUST complete both courses to receive credit. 

Camp In B authorizes you to take troops camping overnight in winterized buildings. Learn fire safety (preparation and extinguishing), fire building with girls, foil and stick cooking, safe use of charcoal, general safety precautions, and building cleanup. A campfire-cooked meal is included.

Camp Out authorizes you to take troops camping in tents at developed tent areas. Learn the use of propane stoves, care of platform tents, tent pitching and usage, tool craft, knots, care of aluminum pots, use and care of ironware, cooking by a variety of methods, meal planning and food preparation, and use of coolers for storage of perishable food items. A campfire-cooked meal is included.

This event is in Benton, KY. 

Event registration ends on 2/10/2023.