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MEdia Journey in a Day

Sun Mar 07, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST
Creative Arts, Life Skills, Healthy Living

Tune in to MEdia with an historic twist! Join the Kentucky History Center & Museums in learning all about media, past and present! Media is all around us-- we are constantly being bombarded by TV, movies, music, ad, blogs, and tweets. But do we control media or does it control us? Explore different forms of media through interactive activities and evaluate how media influences your life today. Then, use your creativity, imagination, and new media smarts to re-imagine a piece of media with friends. Our program concludes with a special celebration to show off your remakes!

This workshop does not include supplies. Participants will need to come prepared with: pencil, paper, all emailed materials printed out, assorted supplies for remakes

Cadettes will fulfill all of the requirements to earn their Media Journey.

Cost of the program includes badge set, exclusive access to KHS digital content, and 4 hours of online Zoom instruction from a Kentucky History Center & Museums educator.

For more information, please contact Volunteer Care at 888-771-5170 or