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Get Out and Go Orienteering (Go Go) Winter Series #1 w/ Orienteering Louisville

Sun Jan 06, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM EST
Portland Wharf Park, 719 N 32nd Street, Louisville, KY 40206 Map
$5 for girl, Free for adults
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Orienteering Louisville is inviting girl scouts to get out and go orienteering in Louisville's parks.  Come with your troop or with your family to learn how to read a map based on what you see in your surroundings.  Next, individually or in teams of 2-3, you will use your new skills to complete a course trying to find markers based on the map given to you.  Complete three courses in three different parks and receive a fun patch!  Individuals who complete three or more courses on their own without any help will be entered into a Girl Scout ranking system.
Registration is $5 per fingerstick per course.  You must sign up for and run at least 3 courses to earn the fun patch. 
Registration How To
If girls want to be ranked: register each girl for at least 3 courses that they will complete individually.*
If girls want to go as a group with only one fingerstick: pick a team captain for each group of 2-3 and register ONLY that girl for at least 3 courses to receive a patch.  You will give the names of the other girl(s) on the team at the meet. 
If girls want to go as a group, but everyone have a fingerstick: register all of them for at least 3 courses to receive the patch.
Adults/tagalongs can participate with their girl scout, but if they want to complete the course individually as well, they pay for fingersticks at the event.
*If girls are interested in being ranked, they must do the courses individually. A non-helping adult should go with her for ratio, but she is on her honor to not get help from the adult.
Exact addresses may change, so for day of addresses and more up to date information, check out the Orienteering Louisville
website or Facebook page Orienteering Louisville .  When in the parks, look for signs or the orange and white Orienteering flags.
Troops are required to maintain ratio. However Daisy, Brownie, and Junior troops and families must bring enough adults to have their troop broken into groups of 1-3. 
Registration deadline: January 3, 2019

For more information please contact Volunteer Care at 888-771-5170 or