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Challenger Mission: Juniors

Sat Mar 24, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
The Academy at Shawnee High School Challenger Learning Center, 4001 Herman Street, Louisville, KY 40212 Map
The Challenger Learning Center offers dynamic, hands-on exploration and discovery opportunities. Mission simulations and programs equip girls with critical STEM knowledge, confidence, and skills. As a member of a mission exploration team, girls put into practice essential tasks performed by astronauts, scientists, and engineers for mission success.

Challenger Center transports people to a cutting edge Mission Control room and a high-tech Space Station. In Expedition Mars, girls are assigned to land on the Martian surface and look for evidence of life and water on Mars while keeping all teammates safe. Team members will reprogram communications satellites, calculate and plot a course to Mars from Phobos, and examine Martian rocks using robotic arms.

Contact Veronica Greenwell at or 502-560-7151 for more information.