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Tornado Response

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What we can do
Replacement of lost uniforms
Contribute Toward Replacing Lost Uniforms or Supplies
Recommended Resources
How You Can Help: A List of Compiled Agencies

Updated January 5, 2022.

We are heartbroken over the losses and destruction faced by our Girl Scouts and volunteers in the path of recent tornadoes in Kentucky, and our thoughts and prayers remain with them and their loved ones.

All council staff members are safe and accounted for, though some face extensive rebuilding. Additionally, our council properties suffered minimal damage. Managers remain in close communication with our staff teams, and our full support stands available to impacted staff as needed.

What we can do:
Read updated information, below. Girl Scouts throughout Kentuckiana are committed to supporting our sisters through the long recovery. Across our movement, many have asked how to support our impacted Girl Scout families and their loved ones.

For those troops and girls in the tornado-impacted areas:

Replacement of lost uniforms:
We’re making it easy to replace the treasured Girl Scout uniforms that may have been lost in the storms. We’ll cover it.

To begin the process of getting uniforms replaced, please fill out the form at this link. We know it takes time to assess lost items, so the form at this link will remain available for a while. 

For troops in non-impacted areas:
Girl Scouts policies DO allow for individual troops to donate their troop funds toward other non-profits of their choosing. Normal accounting and troop-level financial reporting still applies. For questions on record keeping, a troop’s designated Membership Experience Coordinator can provide details. If your troop finds a way to make a difference for those in need, let us know by emailing Volunteer Care at so we can share in the good news.

For our sisterhood:
Our mission continues. Over time, we’ll better understand opportunities to help serve our fellow Girl Scouts. We know our girls and volunteers are courageous, confident, and have the character to help rebuild where there is loss.

We extend our gratitude to the incredible girls, neighbors, and volunteers working to bring comfort across the devastated communities. More than ever, we’re needed to make the world a better place.

For individuals:
Contribute toward replacing lost uniforms or supplies, DONATE HERE.

Girl Scouts have a huge and powerful impact, but the council isn’t equipped to quickly coordinate the critical supplies, general services, and ongoing needs that are so important in this early stage of the storm’s aftermath. We ask that your donations of supplies and money be given directly toward established organizations that are already mobilized and working within the affected areas. Please see below for a list of organizations.

Recommended Resources:
Below is a robust listing of agencies that are ready for contributions and already in action. These groups are well-equipped to quickly turn contributions into support, where it’s needed most. If you know of another trusted agency you believe should be added to this list, you may send a simple email with all relevant information to Volunteer Care, at

How You Can Help: A List of Compiled Agencies

Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund donation:
Managed by the Kentucky State Treasurer, donate here.

Kentucky Red Cross:
-Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.
-Donate online here.
-Donate by phone via credit card, or ask questions, at 1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669)

United Way of Kentucky:
Donate online here.

The Humane Society Animal Rescue & Response Team:
For support of lost pets and stray animals from the storm, donate online here.

Salvation Army Disaster Relief
Donate online here.  

Volunteer opportunities with the Kentucky Red Cross:
Disaster Action Team: Apply online and search for “DAT” or “Disaster Action Team” to find opportunities, here.

Donate blood with the American Red Cross:
Stay updated online or via an app, and schedule donation appointments, by clicking here.