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Early Bird Countdown - 14 Days!

Early Birds here, there, and everywhere!

We are about to pass the 3500 girls re-registered mark for Early Bird! the Volunteer Services Team is ready, willing and able to find creative ways to help your girls reap the rewards of Early Bird, and volunteers all over the council are happy to have the help!

Volunteer Services Specialists all over Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana are pulling out the stops to help volunteers renew their girls! Rachael Marchese in Metro is holding mobile drop in events around town so volunteers can come to a convenient location in their neighborhood to re-register girls.  Katherine Zboril in Pennyroyal is brand new and has already traveled to multiple Service Unit Meetings to re-register girls.  Katherine is also planning an Early Bird movie night. Leslie Willoughby is holding an evening event at the Caveland PLC on June 15th so volunteers can shop and re-register girls. The Metro Team will be at the PLC ready to help volunteers re-register girls on June 27th from 1 pm to 7 pm. Our Volunteer Services Team is dedicated to getting your girls re-registered for another great Girl Scout year!

A place for every girl

Many girls who drop off in attendance or communication with their troop leaders could become Juliette Girl Scouts, or Independent Registered Members.  Their membership is paid for the current year and they are eligible to move to another troop, participate in council sponsored activities like camp, or Festival of the Arts, and be in communication with their Service Unit Team so they can participate in those activities.  Sometimes we find out about these girls at the end of the year, but we encourage Troop Leaders to give us the opportunity to offer these options to girls as soon as it is apparent that they may not return.  Volunteer Services Specialists will be contacting girls identified by Troop Leaders during the Early Bird Campaign to make sure that every single girl who was signed up as a Girl Scout in 2016-2017 knows that we want her back!

Troop Early Bird Reward

Don’t forget that Troops who renew 65% of their girl membership will receive a $50.00 troop credit. That could buy Tee Shirts for the few girls who did not renew, or pay two adult membership renewal fees!

Tee shirts will be available for sale after the girls who Early Bird receive theirs.  This allows the whole troop to have the same shirt, adults included, and won’t your troop look great at an event in the same cute tee shirt.

Get all the renew details here.