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Credit Cards at Cookie Booths

If you receive ebudde communications, you should have received an invitation to sign up for a COMPLIMENTARY credit card reader for your troop’s booth sales during the cookie program. We released the following information:
1. Council partnered with Republic Bank and their credit card processing company First Data to secure Clover Mini mobile credit card machines for cookie booth sales. NOTE: You do NOT have to bank with Republic to receive and use a reader.
2. All troops in good financial standing with the council that have a valid bank account on file may qualify for one complimentary device. It is a small reader that has a swipe and chip card function and connects and functions with most wireless mobile devices (phones/tablets). The troop MUST request the reader through the jot form:
3. The council has opted to fully cover all the processing fees for cookie sales. The troop will not be responsible for fees for cookie sales.
4. To use the device, troops will need to have a mobile device that can access wifi or a mobile internet connection and will need to download the app "Clover Go" - a free app from their app store.
5. The reader will connect to the mobile device headphone port. (Some phones do not have a headphone port- especially some recent iphone modules. If needed a connecting dongle can be purchased for around $10.00 at any major retailer of electronic devices.
6. Troops that sold over 300 cases of cookies in the 2017 season qualify for a 2nd reader for free and can request it on the jotform. Any additional reader is 39.99 each and if requested we will deduct the payment from the troop account the week of Feb. 1.
7. Troops must request the readers by Jan 9th to receive them when their initial cookie deliveries are sent out or picked up.
8. The readers belong to the troops, the council will not collect them so it is the troops responsibility to hold on to them. If they are lost, stolen or damaged the $39.99 replacement fee will be the responsibility of the troop.
9. Some have asked if they can be used for other troop events, approved fundraisers, etc. They can- however the payment goes to the council so we would need to know about the use and approve it to reimburse the troop. Council will only cover the fees for cookie sales. Fees for other events will be the responsibility of the troop.
10. PAYMENT:  The funds from the sales go directly to the council and the council will enter the troop profit as a deposit in ebudde (much like Digital Cookie sales). This is not automatic- it will be done manually so we are still working on the details of the frequency. Ultimately- your profit from credit card sales will be a credit against what the troop owes for the cookies they take out and you will see this in the deposits tab in ebudde.
11. Troops will see the credit card transaction info on the Clover Go website and app. You will be able to see every transaction you complete. More instructions on this as well as how to set up the reader will be available when they are distributed.
12. Troops already using their own devices are welcome to continue, however the council will ONLY cover the fees incurred through the use of the Clover Mini/First Data device.
If you have any questions at all about the credit card reader request process please contact Brooke Slone
or Karen Smallwood