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Five Important Life Skills Your Daughter Should Learn


Retail experts Rick Segel and Matthew Hudson agree that Girl Scouts teaches five essential aspects of leadership and life that every girl should learn early.

Skill #1: Goal-Setting

Girl Scouts teaches girls to set realistic but ambitious goals. Thanks to robust programs, Girl Scouts are presented with adventures and challenges that dare them to make plans that can help them discover their strength, passion, and talent.

Skill #2: Decision-Making Skills

Effective leaders have one thing in common: They make smart decisions. Girl Scouts teaches young girls how to make effective decisions and helps foster an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging them to be leaders. While Girl Scouts offers a range of programs outside of the annual cookie campaign, the smart business decisions made by young Girl Scout entrepreneurs through the cookie program amounts to $800 million in sales every year.

Skill #3: Money Management

Effective money management is an important lesson to learn at an early age because it sets the stage for girls to be financially literate and responsible. From saving money to fund new troop activities to paying for a trip abroad, effective money management skills set the stage for girls to be financially literate and earn the things they want.

Skill #4: People Skills

Unless you live in a box on a deserted island, you have to interact with people. Girl Scouts helps develop crucial communication and social skills that will benefit young girls throughout their lives. Girl Scout programs teach girls to familiarize themselves with a diverse group of people, and provide opportunities to create a network of friends, community partners and even potential future customers.

Skill #5: Business Ethics

We’ve all had nightmare customer service experiences or read stories about business owners who made unethical decisions. Girls Scouts teaches girls to develop strong business skills, teaching them to understand that being a smart business owner requires a lot more than just showing up; it also requires providing a great product and great customer service.

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