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Training FAQ

Who can attend adult education courses?

Adult education courses are open to all registered adults. Girl Scout Ambassadors are also welcome to attend appropriate courses.

I’m a new volunteer. What courses do I need to take?

There are recommended and required courses for new volunteers (see below list). Required courses in bold.

Safeguard From Abuse
Succeed Like A Girl Scout
Grade Level Courses
Camp In A and B

How do I register for a course?

Click on MYGS, Member Profile.

Once you are loged on click the Activities tab.

You can scroll through the list of activites, or search for the course by name.

Click on the activity name to see the details.

Click Register Now to register for the course.

How much does it cost to take a course?

Most courses are provided without charge as a service of the council. When a fee is charged, it will be listed on the course description, and is due at the time of registration.

Is financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available for adult education courses. Submit a completed Financial Assistance Application to your local Program and Learning Center when registering for a course.

Will my course registration be confirmed?

Yes. Course registration confirmations appear under your MyGS My Activities tab.

What should I bring to class?

Always bring note-taking materials and your adult education training card. Some courses require additional materials; please check the course description and registration confirmation for details. Please do not bring children to workshops unless childcare is specially noted. This is for your child’s safety and the consideration of those in attendance.

How do I cancel my course registration?

Please email at least 7 business days prior to the training to cancel your registration for a full refund.  If an emergency situation arises, and you need to cancel your registration, please notify us as soon as possible. Please see our Cancellation Policy for information on refunds.

Will I be notified if my course is cancelled or full?

Yes, if the course is full, cancelled, or changed in any way, you will be notified by phone or email.

I cancelled my registration. Can I get a refund?

Activity registrations may be cancelled up to 7 days from the beginning date of the activity for a full refund.  No additional notification will be given for this date.

For Activity registrations that are cancelled within 7 days of the beginning date of the activity, no refund or rescheduling is available

Does GSK keep track of training records?

Yes, your training records are recorded at the GSK Council office. It is recommended that you also keep track of the courses you have taken on the Record of Adult Education wallet card.

Are training patches available?

Yes, train car patches are available for most adult education courses. These patches are free while supplies last.

I don’t see the training I need. How do I schedule training?

Training and Troop Support will do their best to make a training available for your group. Please complete our Interest Form.

How can I access online resources if I have limited internet access?

All of GSK’s learning resources are available from any internet connection, and they are all smartphone compatible. Volunteers with limited connection at home can access our resources through other free internet access points including your local PLC, local libraries, coffee shops, churches, neighbors’ or families’ homes, schools, and schools.