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Membership Development Toolkit

In this toolkit you will find tools to help recruit girls to join your troop and earn some great incentives along the way! If you need additional idea to help grow your troop, please contact your Membership Development Specialist or Volunteer Care at 888-771-5170.

Recruitment Flyers and Activities

Tips for Creating a Flyer

  • Use Arial, the Girl Scout approved font.
  • Always include the Council website and phone number. This works well in the footer of any flyer:, 888-771-5170
  •  Use Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana and service unit/troop information
  • Age levels that can attend the event
  • Event name (what the event is called) and planned actvities
  • Where the event will take place with address
  • Date the event will take place, with beginning and ending time
  • How to sign up and the registration deadline
  • Cost to attend, including who to pay and how to pay them
  • What each person needs to bring with them
  • Any limitations. For example, are tagalongs allowed?
  • Main event contact person’s name and best way to reach them
  • Event cancellation and refund policy
Sample Messages for News Outlets or Social Media

Sample Text:

I’m a Girl Scout [parent/volunteer/leader] in [city/town]. My girl loves Girl Scouts because [personal anecdote]. And I want to share information with our community about joining Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana is inviting girls K-12 to join Girl Scouts by visiting We are also looking for caring adults to lead girls in gaining courage, confidence, and character. Financial assistance is available. Please contact Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana at 888-771-5170 with any questions.

I’m a Girl Scout [parent/volunteer/leader] in [city/town]. My girl loves Girl Scouts because [personal anecdote]. And I want to share information with girls in grades [grades you're accepting] about joining our local Girl Scout troop. Financial assistance is available. My girl/troop loves Girl Scouts because [personal anecdote]. We do a lot of [camping, STEM, donation drives, pick up trash, take action projects, sell cookies] and are always coming up with new ways to explore. I can be reached at [contact info].

Faith Based Recruitment
Recruit a Friend Membership Incentive

Click the image above to complete the Recruit a Friend form.