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Shop & Share is a joint initiative of the First Lady’s Office, the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association (KDVA), Kroger, Food City, the Kentucky Commission on Women, the Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the Girl Scout Councils of Kentucky, to collect needed goods and funds for the 15 domestic violence shelters across the Commonwealth.

Mrs. Beshear began this annual drive in 2008 to provide domestic violence shelters with needed goods, such as canned foods, toilet paper and soap at Kroger stores across the state. The goods benefit Kentucky Domestic Violence Association (KDVA) shelters.

Shop & Share raised a total of approximately $759,000 in goods and donations in it's first three years. In 2012 Shop & Share expanded to include Food City stores in Eastern Kentucky and the drive collected more than all previous years combined, raising an unprecedented $782,000 in goods and donations.

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The link below is active and ready for volunteers! I think it’s about as easy as it can be-there are only 3 clicks, and that’s it!! Folks will not receive a confirmation email, but will receive an email the week prior to the event to remind them of their commitment.  We encourage your groups to sign up as soon as possible to get the priority spots they hope for!!

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