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Donation Programs

What is Operation: Cookie?

Operation: Cookie is the Kentuckiana Council-wide Gift of Caring campaign for 2018. Troops and girls will have the opportunity to sell cookies that will be shipped directly to organizations that support United States Military troops.

Operation: Cookie provides troops and girls with an additional selling opportunity. Should there be a customer that “already bought from another girl” or “is on a diet”, etc., they can now be approached with the opportunity to show support by donating a box (or 4!) to the U.S. Military troops.

Why should my Troop participate?

Not only will the efforts of your troop/ girls directly benefit the United States Military, your troop/girls will earn credit for these cookie donations towards troop profits and girl rewards! The military troops benefit, GSK troops benefit, and girls benefit. It’s a win – win… win!

Will additional rewards be offered?

YES! In addition to regular cookie rewards, girls can earn special rewards just for Operation: Cookie orders. In eBudde under the OpCki column, girls with 15, 30, 60 or more packages listed will earn the following rewards.