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2017 MagNut Program

The MagNut Program is one of two council-sponsored programs that combine exciting activities with moneyearning opportunities. The MagNut Program supports the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Council and girl learning! Proceeds from the program fund both the troop and the Council, while girls learn the 5 Skills.

MagNut FAQ

How Does MagNut Work?

Girls sell nuts, candy, and magazine subscriptions to friends and family.

Where Do Girls Sell?

Girls sell to friends and family either face-to-face or through a secure
online program.

When Do Girls Sell?

For the 2017 MagNut Program:

  • Girls may sell September 5 - October 19.
  • Online sales continue until November 17.

After September 6 troops and girls may start selling once the troop MagNut chair has taken the troop level training. See MagNut Online Trainings (below).

Why Shoud My Troop Participate?

There are lots of great reasons to participate in the MagNut Program:

  • Start earning proceeds to fund a trip or activities throughout the year! Troops earn 15%-21% of the sales made by the girls in the troop.
  • Practice the 5 Skills: Goal Setting, Money Management, Decision Making, People Skills, and Business Ethics.
  • Introduce younger or new girls to a Product Program BEFORE the big Cookie Program! They’ll be pros by the time cookies roll around!
  • Council proceeds support innovative programs, camp property upkeep, volunteer support, and financial assistance.
  • It’s easy and fun!


MagNut Forms & Documents

MagNut Online Trainings

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    2017 MagNut Program
    Troop Training

    Password: Troop Magnut 2017

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