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Day Camps

Day camps and camporees are programs organized and operated by volunteers in specific geographic areas of the council under the guidance of the council camp liaison. They provide unique, valuable, handsā€on and interactive opportunities to experience camping and outdoor programming at beginning levels in a safe setting with opportunities for learning and growth, as well as fun!

Day camps may last for three to five days for four or more hours per day. Hours of operation vary by location. Day camps are designed to offer activities during the day. However, day camps may choose to offer one optional overnight. This is a decision made by the camp planning committee. Camporees may last for two to three days with girls staying for one to two nights. The length is a decision made by the camp planning committee.

Due to Covid-19 many day camps will not take place this year.

Summer 2020 Day Camps

14 Pirates
July 6-10
Camp Shantituck

2020 Camporees

Camporee Theme
Great Scoutdoors 1 June 5-7 Camp Pennyroyal
Great Scoutdoors 2 August 7-9 Camp Pennyroyal