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Adventure Program

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana’s Adventure Program consists of adventure playgrounds, Teams Courses, high ropes courses, caving, and indoor climbing and bouldering walls. All the activities are experiential and educational. Whether climbing a rock face or helping a troop member through the Teams Course, each participant will learn something new about themselves and others. There is something in the Adventure Program for all ages and abilities.

Adventure Playgrounds

Adventure playgrounds are a series of obstacles just inches off the ground. A typical obstacle would be walking across a log or crawling through a concrete tunnel. Adult supervision is required; however, there is no training necessary. We have adventure playgrounds at Camps Whippoorwill, Shantituck, Houchens and Stem.

Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail

The mountains are calling, do you want to go?

Feel the awesome power of viewing the world from the top of a mountain. Find a deeper bond with nature as you venture to places beyond where the roads end. Find your inner strength while walking with only the essentials on your back. Do all of this with the Kentuckiana Girl Scout AT Adventurers!

The AT Adventurers is a Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana tradition, and they have been training "newbies" to hike the Apalachian Trail for over 30 years. Girls receive training during day long workshops and an overnight weekend that will challenge them and prepare them for the rigors of life on trail. 

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The cave at Camp Stem  is a wild cave, meaning no lights and no paved walkways. It is approximately 100 yards deep, involving mostly crawling and squatting, and is very muddy! It provides an excellent “natural teams course”. Participants must be Girl Scout Juniors and older. Trained adult leadership is required.  Adults who would like to lead girls through the Cave at Camp Stem must attend the half-day training.

Climbing Wall

The Indoor artificial rock Climbing Wall is 24 feet high and Bouldering Wall is seven feet high at the Program Learning Center in Louisville. Climbing builds strength, balance, flexibility, and self-esteem. Participants must be Girl Scout Brownies and older to participate in bouldering and Girl Scout Juniors or older to participate on the climbing wall.  Climbers will be using harnesses, helmets, and ropes for safety. Trained adult leadership is required.

High Ropes Course

The high ropes course is similar to the Teams Course except 20 to 40 feet above the ground! Being up in the trees, the perceived risk is high but the actual risk is low. The participants that climb will be using harnesses, helmets, and ropes for safety.  The high ropes course is rich with discoveries and helps participants develop a new level of self-confidence. Participants must be 11 years or older. We have high ropes courses at Camp Stem and Pennyroyal.  Trained adult leadership is required.

Teams Course

The Teams Course is a series of challenges built with wooden beams, cables, and ropes to create an obstacle. Teams explore risk taking, leadership, communication, and problem solving in order to get through the obstacles. Participants must be Girl Scout Juniors and older. Trained adult leadership is required. Adults who would like to lead girls through the Teams Course must attend a half-day training. We have teams courses at Camps Bear Creek, Pennyroyal, Houchens, Barren Ridge, Shantituck and Stem.