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Launching Girls into Science-Technology-Engineering-Math

Girl Scouts have always done activities involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Now they will be able to do even more!  GSK is launching STEM programs to give girls more opportunities to do computer coding, build and program robotics, build an electronic circuit, have fun with chemistry, and many other STEM projects.

To see how you can connect with GSK’s STEM activities, see the descriptions below or find STEM events in the Activities Calendar

Spark Events

Imagine yourself working in a STEM career!  Join us and walk into the world of STEM professionals.  We’ll go where STEM happens to talk with women professionals, tour the facilities, and do related hands-on STEM activities.  Each girl will receive a Spark event patch.  How many can you collect?  Find Spark events in the Activities Calendar.

Journey Institutes

Need help with the Journeys?  Troop leaders are encouraged to attend the Journey Institute, an all-day intensive Journey training.  Learn their content, how to incorporate them into troop activities, and participate in hands-on activities to take back to your troop.

At the It’s Your Planet-Love It! Journey Institute, we’ll dive into the STEM-based Journeys: Wonders of Water and Get Moving!  Come learn the importance of STEM, hands-on experiments, and field trip ideas to make the Journey come to life.  Find Journey Institutes in the Activities Calendar.

GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science

Come experience Engineering, Math, & Science at local universities.  Girls will learn about careers in STEM, the scientific method, science in daily life, and how much math and science are connected.  Did you know that even though women make up nearly 52% of the workforce, they only make up 14% of the workforce in science and technology careers?  Remember, a girl's chances of going to college raise exponentially by just visiting a college campus. Imagine the benefits of experimenting in science and technology fields on a college campus.  Find GEMS in the Activities Calendar.



The MakerPlace brings science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life through designing, building, tinkering and inventing using ordinary, everyday items, gizmos, and gadgets.  Find more information on The MakerPlace webpage and The MakerPlace events on the Activities Calendar.