Adult Recognitions

There are adult recognitions provided by Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and recognitions provided by Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. We recognize all volunteers for exceptional performance at the individual, service unit, area and council level.  View the Awards and Recognitions Booklet.

Finally, there will be times when someone has contributed in an exceptional manner, but she/he does not possess all the necessary criteria to receive an award.  In these instances, there are other ways in which a dedicated and hardworking adult Girl Scout can be recognized by peers in a kind and supporting environment. Some ways are:

  • Say thank you.
  • Send a thank you note or a thank you email.
  • Send flowers or give flowers at the next troop meeting.
  • Treat a special person with a gift certificate to a favorite store. There are gift certificates available for the Girl Scout Shop.
  • Have a song on the radio dedicated to a special leader on Leaders Day.
  • Invite a staff person to a service unit event and give her/him a token of appreciation made by a troop of Girl Scouts.
  • During the holidays, have a troop put together cookie mixes and deliver them to persons who have made a positive impact on the troop.
  • Write a Thank You article, detailing what was done, when, by whom and ask that it be put into a publication.

Send a paragraph on one of your favorite volunteers, including a picture to, so they can be publicly recognized!

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