Safety Requirements

Safety In Girl Scouting

Safety is most important! There are GSUSA and GSK safety requirements specific to the pathway in which you are volunteering. These are found in the Safety Activity Checkpoints, as well as in Volunteer Essentials.


First-aider (Level 1) is required for many group activities. The course required to be a first-aider (Level 1) is one that offers standard first-aid and CPR, preferably with a focus on children.

First-aider (Level2) is required at resident camp, and at any camp activity with more than 200 participants. Additionally some activities require a Level 2 first-aider: the Safety Activity Checkpoints state clearly whether a First Aider Level 2 is needed.   

There are other activities in Girl Scouting that require specialized training as well. Please be sure to check the  Safety Activity Checkpointsfor any requirements so you can look through the educational calendar and get your trainings scheduled well in advance.

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