Travel Pathway

Want to see the world?  Have a passion for travel?  Want to explore new cultures?  What’s stopping you?  Pack your bags and have the time of your life traveling with Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouting offers many safe and unique travel opportunities for girls of all ages to see new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures.

Travel Pathway Organization

  1. Girls will be surveyed to determine girl travel interests.  Girls may fill out the survey online, download a copy, get a copy at their local Program and Learning Center, or request a copy from their GSLE Specialist.

  2. Girls will be placed into Travel Pathway Troops based upon their grade level and interest.  Travel Pathway Troops guidelines are the same as a typical troop.  They must have a leader and coleader and open a troop checking account for money earning purposes.  Girls may be registered into more than one troop based upon their Girl Scout and travel interests.  The troop’s service unit will be determined by mutual agreement between the troop’s leadership team and the service unit manager.  For more information, refer to the Travel Resource - Travel Pathway Troops page.
  3. Volunteer Travel Coordinators will be assigned to the Travel Pathway Troops to help them plan their troops travel.  These coordinators may serve in a consulting capacity or as the troop leader or coleader.  Do you like to travel?  Would you be willing to serve as a Travel Coordinator - refer to the Travel Coordinator Position Description for more information.
  4. Once the troops have their trip planned and know what the costs are going to be, they may choose to open the trip to other Girl Scouts.  This is based primarily on their accommodations minimums and maximums.
  5. Travel Pathway Troops may participate in money earning with the same guidelines as other troops.  Funds will be kept in their troop checking account.  They must seek their Service Unit Manager's permission prior to money earning activities.  They must also report on their checking account to the Service Unit Manager in the Spring.

GSUSA Sponsored Travel Opportunities - Individuals

Girl Scout destinations

Girl Scout destinations are individual girl travel opportunities.  Girl Scout destinations fall into five categories: international, outdoors, science, people, and getaways. Facilitated by Girl Scouts of the USA and hosted by individual Girl Scout councils, GSUSA, and contracted organizations, such as Outward Bound, Girl Scout destinations events or trips open girls up to whole new worlds and ideas.

A formal application process, including two references, are required for consideration for a destination.  Application packets, including the filled out references, must be submitted to Janis Kidd at the Metro/Louisville PLC by February 4th.

Follow this link for the current destinations offered through GSUSA.

Application Form - pdf

Application Form - doc 

GSUSA Sponsored Travel Opportunities - Troop/Group

Would you like to travel with a troop/group?  They are a great way to travel without having to plan every step.  Check out these two travel options through GSUSA.

Girl Scout getaways

Getaways are troop/group national opportunities.   

Follow this link for the current getaways.

Girl Scout jamborees

Jamborees are troop/group international opportunities.

Follow this link for the current jamborees.

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