Series Pathway

The Series Pathway offers activities for the same group of participating girls, scheduled over six to eight sessions, relating to a specific theme or purpose. Series are developed with the intent that each registered participant attends all sessions scheduled throughout the course of the offering, because sessions are designed so that each one builds towards the next and culminates upon the delivery of the last session activity.

Series are thematic in nature and developed to support the council's program initiatives in the areas of Science-Technology-Math-Engineering (STEM), Healthy Living, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Environmental, Journey based, and more. 

All programs are based on the following standards:

  • Be mission-driven to develop girls of courage, character, and confidence
  • Align to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience
  • Adhere to all local and national safety standards
  • Be relevant and accessible to all populations
  • Provide opportunities for continuous involvement
  • Are developed and facilitated by volunteers in partnership with council professional staff
  • Provide consistent learning opportunities for girls
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