Girl Scouts Forever Green

Girl Scouts Forever Green (GSFG) enables Girl Scouts, as a Movement, to track significant, collective, positive impact on our environment. The project, developed by girls, volunteers, alumnae, staff and collaborators for our 100th Anniversary honors Girl Scouts' founder—Juliette Gordon Low—who loved nature and the outdoors. When combined with the It's Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journeys, GSFG engages girls to activate their communities in a global effort to protect our planet.

We invite you to lead your family, school, and community and carry out any of the three Take Action projects: Reduce Waste, Save Energy, and Rain Gardens. In addition, record your project results and take the online pledge today to make your impact count and carry out actions in your daily life that make the world a greener place.

Save Energy

Girl Scouts around the world are learning about saving energy. Along with your family and friends, you'll replace incandescent bulbs with ENERGY STARRegistered qualified (or other energy-efficient) light bulbs, participate in Earth Hour by turning lights off from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the last Saturday of March, and use the It’s Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journey for your grade level to help you engage in as many other energy-saving activities as you can.

GOAL:  Encourage sustainable behavior change, reduce your carbon footprint, and save energy and money
HOW:  Install ENERGY STAR qualified (or other energy-efficient lightbulbs) and participate in Earth Hour on the last Saturday in March from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., and engage in as much energy saving efforts as possible.. 

Reduce Waste

Girl Scouts around the world are learning about the effects of waste on our environment, and discovering ways to reduce waste. Along with your family and friends, you'll switch to using reusable bottles and bags and recycling all your aluminum cans all while using the It’s Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journey as your guide.

GOAL:  Reduce the number of discarded single-use plastic bottles and bags and increase aluminim reclycling rates.

HOW:  Use reusable water bottles and bags and recycle aluminim cans.

Rain Gardens

Girl Scouts are building rain gardens, which are planted depressions filled with native plants that capture and absorb storm water and serve as functional gardens. You'll go on the It’s Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journey and learn about, construct, and maintain rain gardens at school, home, and your friend's home.

GOAL:  To increase green space and wildlife habitats, and improve water quality by reducing water-borne pollutants running into streams, rivers, and other water supplies
HOW:   Plant and maintain rain gardens at schools, homes, and other sites.

Making a differnece starts with you!

Visit the Girl Scouts Forever Green website for more information.

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