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    Still a quality program offering nuts & candy and hundreds of magazine offerings for friends and family. Watch for a new item - "to remember this" - a photo keepsake opportunity with albums, calendars and cards for your personalized photos. Counts as a magazine order!





Fall Product Program 2013 Supports Our Camps!

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana's Fall Product Program is a great way for troops to earn funds! Proceeds from the Fall Product Program help support maintenance of camps, financial assistance, and girl program opportunities.

Fall Product Program information for distribution to parents will be available at your September service unit meeting. For additional information on the program, please contact Karen Smallwood 502-636-0900 or 888-771-5170.

Product Program Premium

Troops participating in both product programs and completing all requirements will receive a Product Program Premium worth $40 to be used in our council shops.

1. Troop and girls must be registered for the 2013-2014 troop year.

2. Troop must average 10 nut and candy items AND 1 magazine order per girl in the 2013 Fall Product Program.

3. Troop must average 180 boxes per girl in the 2014 Cookie Program.

4. All money due to council for both product programs will be withdrawn from troop bank account using ACH and must be accessible by deadline dates. If troop has family owing, they must turn in a family owing form to verify correct amount for ACH pull.

Product Program Premiums will be issued at the end of the 2014 Cookie Program and will have an expiration date of December 9, 2014.


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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does our troop get proceeds from Reach Out booklets?
Proceeds from Reach Out Booklet sales come in the form of Fall Product Troop Rewards that can be spent in the Girl Scout Shop or for program.

Q: Can a customer purchase a subscription for their town or school library?
No. Libraries have their own contracts established with magazine companies. However, customers may purchase a subscription for their local nursing home or homeless shelter.

Q: Will QSP honor stamps from Publisher’s Clearinghouse, sweepstakes, buy one get one free offers, etc.?
A: No. Clearinghouses and sweepstakes have their own contracts established. QSP offers the lowest published price.

Q: Should the girls sell door-to-door?
A: The Fall Product Program is not a door-to-door sale. Think about family and friends who read magazines regularly--dentist and physician offices, beauty shops, auto/body shops, teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Encourage magazine subscription renewals. Remember, the name on the current subscription must match the renewal order exactly.

Dear Parents,

Our camps benefit from the Fall Product Program. We are able to maintain and improve our campsites through participation in this fall fundraiser. Each girl is encouraged to be creative when setting her goals. As parents/guardians, you play an important role in your daughter’s successful completion of Fall Product Program activities. If you have any questions, please call your daughter’s troop leader. And remember to save at least one magazine subscription for Girl Scouts!

Money for nuts/candy is collected when you deliver the product, and money for magazines must be collected when the order is taken. Troops will keep their profit upfront. ACH withdraws for the amount due council will take place the week of December 9.

Be certain that customers keep the pink copy of the order form. If they have a question about their order, they should call the toll free number on the back of the pink order form (1-877-289-6247). New magazine subscriptions may take up to mid-March to process.

REASONS TO PARTICIPATE                                                      

  • Supports camp properties for council
  • Quick, simple, profitable fundraiser for troops
  • Offers rewards for girls, leaders, & troops
  • Not a lot of paperwork, quick turnaround–a sale to family and friends
  • Promotes reading–a service project opportunity
  • QSP will switch subscriptions if a customer does not like the magazine selected
  • Online magazines and nut & candy available – customer orders online and pays with credit card
  • Tasty Trophy Nut product


  • Troop will earn 15% of the total (gross) sales from magazines (including online orders), and nuts and candy.
  • Troop will receive $4 for each completed address booklet with at least 10 names. Booklets must be received in council office by October 29. Booklets received after this date will receive $2 per booklet.
  • Troop will receive up to 2  volunteer patches for leader/chair if they average 1 magazine order AND 5 nut/candy orders per selling girl.
  • Troops with at least 10 magazine orders AND 50 nut/candy orders will receive an adult shirt for the troop fall chair.


  • September: Attend training on the Fall Product Program and receive materials.
  • Before Oct 1: Distribute materials to the girls and explain the program and procedures. Have parents sign the Parent Permission and Responsibility Form and return to the troop leader.
  • Oct 1: Order taking for Fall Product Program begins.
  • Oct 15: Make sure your troop has turned in an ACH bank form to council.
  • Oct 18: All nut/candy orders, magazine "paper" orders and Reach Out booklets due to troop chairs.
  • Nov 13/14: Delivery of nuts/candy to troops
  • Dec 1: Online order reports and all money due to troop chairs.
  • Week off Dec 9: ACH withdraws from troop bank accounts for amounts due to council
  • Jan/Feb: Rewards will be delivered directly to SU Chairs.

The Address Adventure patch program is an easy patch to earn while participating in the Fall Product Program. Requirements and order form listed on the Be a Reader form found on GSK flash drive or link listed above.

Use fun & enriching leadership activities for girls in your Be A Reader activity booklet to earn a Be a Reader bee, repeater bee and/or certificate.  patch and/or certificate. Requirements and order form listed on the Be a Reader form found on GSK flash drive or link lised above.

To access the Be A Reader booklet and other program activities go to:





Remember, everyone makes a difference - even one order helps to maintain the camps for all Girl Scouts in Kentuckiana





































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