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Upon completing the form below, your request will be sent electronically to the cookie liaison in your area. The liaison will forward your order to the closest troop offering Girl Scout Cookies. We appreciate your support!

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Trefoils Trefoils:
Tasty shortbread cookies
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Thin Mints Thin Mints:
Thin wafers covered with mint chocolate
# boxes:
Do-Si-Dos Do-Si-Dos:
Crunchy oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filling
# boxes:
Samoas Samoas:
Vanilla cookies covered with
caramel, rolled in toasted coconut and striped with chocolate
# boxes:
Tagalongs Tagalongs:
Peanut butter-covered cookies with a chocolate coating
# boxes:
Dulce de Leche Dulce de Leche:
Inspired by the classic confections of Latin America, these sweet, indulgent, bite-sized cookies are rich with milk caramel chips
# boxes:
Lemon Chalet Cremes Savannah Smiles:
Bite-sized lemon wedge cookies, dusted in powdered sugar and bursting with zesty lemon flavor
# boxes:
Thank U Berry Munch Thank U Berry Munch:
Delicious vanilla cookie with sweet cranberries and white chocolate chips
# boxes:
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I want to contribute to OPERATION: COOKIE
Customers who already have more than enough cookies in their freezers or who have a restricted diet can purchase a package or two to donate to members of the Armed Forces abroad.

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