Troop Core Camp

Are you interested in having a resident camp experience with your troop and troop leader? Now you have the choice of attending Bear Creek Aquatic Camp or Camp Pennyroyal with your troop and troop leaders.You’ll participate in summer camp programs like swimming, canoeing, kayaking, campfires, and arts & crafts. All troops must bring enough adults to cover the ratio of their age group (this means at least two adults—please refer to your Safety Activities Check Points or the Troop Core Camp page in the camp brochure). Troop Core Camp is for registered Girl Scouts (girls and adults). Children who are not school aged or participating in the Program will not be permitted to attend Troop Core Camp. Bear Creek Aquatic Camp and Camp Pennyroyal are both rustic facilities and all troops and troop leaders will be sleeping in our cabins and tents.

There are now two levels of Troop Core Camp and multiple dates at both of our camps.

Troop Core Camp Level 1

Bring your troop and adult advisors (per Safety Activities Checkpoints) to chaperone and help guide activities. Troop leaders will learn outdoor skills with the support of camp counselors, assist in leading activities, supervise your individual troops throughout the day/night and provide Safety Checkpoint adult ratios. Camp will provide the food, equipment, supplies and trained/certified staff for specialty activities. Cost applies to both girls and all adults in your troop.

Troop Core Camp Level 2

Is your troop already camping pros? Then Level 2 Troop Core Camp is for you. You bring your troop along with adult leaders who have had Camp In A, Camp In B, Camp Out, First Aid and CPR (at least one leader must have completed all of these trainings) to camp for a great time with camp activities. Your troop will plan your meals ahead of time then bring and prepare all of their meals while at Troop Core Camp Level 2. Staff will be available to assist with some activities and to facilitate all specialty areas such as boating, swimming, archery and other camp activities. Cost applies to girls and adults in excess of adults needed to meet Safety Checkpoint ratios.

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