Day Camps & Camporees

Volunteers throughout the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana host these camp opportunities.  You may receive a brochure in the mail or from your troop leader, but if you haven't, they're linked below for your use.  Each camp is unique - there are different themes, days, and times.  Please look for your local camp in the table below and click on the brochure link for more information, including a local contact for each camp.  Scroll down for links to useful forms.

Local Camp Opportunities




More Information

Area 1 Camporee

June 19-21



Area 2 Camporee

June 11 - 14



Area 3 Camporee

June 15 - 18



 Area 3 Weekend Camporee

 July 18 - July 20



Area 4 Spring Camporee



Heartland Summer Camporee

Freeman Lake


Area 7,11,15 Camporee

July 15 - 19



Area 8 Day Camp

June 11-13



Area 8 Camporee

June 26 - 29



Area 9/12 Day Camp

June 23 - 28



Area 10 Day Camp - Registration Closed

June 16 - 20


Registration Closed

Area 13 Day Camp

July 7-12



Area 13 Camporee

July 28 - 29



Area 14 Day Camp

July 21 - 26



Area 14b Mini Camp (Juniors & Up)

June 30-July 5



Area 14c Camporee (Cadettes & Up)

June 19 - 22



Area 14 Daisy Camporee

Aug. 1 - 2



Area 22 Day Camp    June 11-12  Noble Park  Brochure 

SU 664 - Highview Camporee

Aug. 22 - 24 



 Service Unit 697 - Marion Co.

 June 25 - 27

 Sportsman Lake


Service Unit 704 – Barren Co.

July 7 - 11

Barren Ridge


 Service Unit 717 - Simpson Co.

 July 10-12

 Franklin Simpson Parks & Recreation


Service Unit 722 – Warren Co.

June 9 - 13



Area 24 Twilight Camporee

Kess Creek Park


Useful Forms

Financial Assistance Request

Health History 

Volunteer Background Screening

Girl Scout Membership - Online Registration

You can register electronically by following this link:  Register Now!

Girl Scout Membership - Paper Registration

Fill out the forms below and submit them to your local PLC or mail them directly to: Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana 2115 Lexington Road Louisville, KY  40206

Girl Membership Form
Adult Membership Form

Volunteer at Camp

Day camp volunteers are needed right now! By volunteering your time, enthusiasm and skills, you can make it possible for girls to experience the joys of the outdoors and try new activities, like photography, painting, and science experiments. In the past, most council day camps have been held in the summer with a focus on camp activities—but a day camp need not be traditional. There are opportunities to hold additional twilight or weekend day camps with a focus on different activities.

For More Information

Contact Janis Kidd at 502-636-0900 ext. 21800 or 502-716-7228. 

About Day Camps & Camporees

What is a day camp or camporee?

Day camps and camporees are programs organized and operated by volunteers in specific geographic areas of the council under the guidance of the council camp liaisons.  They each offer excellent Girl Scout program in a safe setting with opportunities for learning and growth, as well as fun!

What girls can attend a day camp or camporee?

Day camps and camporees are for girls who have, at a minimum, completed kindergarten.

How long is day camp?

Day camps may last for three to five days for four or more hours per day.  Hours of operation vary by location.  Typically, a day camp is an outdoor program where the girls participate during the day and go home at the end of each day.

Do girls stay all night at day camp?

Not usually.  Day camps are designed to offer activities during the day.  However, day camps may choose to offer one optional overnight.  This is a decision made by the camp planning committee.

How long is camporee?

Camporees may last for two to three days with girls staying for one to two nights.  The length is a decision made by the camp planning committee.

Why Camping is Awesome!

Have you ever been camping? There's a transformation that happens when you travel outside of your everyday walls. Your view of the world opens up.  We’re not just talking about your physical view—though there's something intoxicating about gently rolling hills, the intricate lacing of tree branches, and a carpet of grass and wildflowers. What we’re talking about is your view of yourself in relation to the world you live in. Suddenly, you have no walls around you. You stop worrying about how you look, and are instead enchanted by the mysteries that surround you. You go on an uphill hike and you take it step by step, enthralled by the lush life around you, never once worrying if you have what it takes to make it to the top. You gather wood for a campfire and learn about your own resourcefulness. Later that night, when you're toasting marshmallows for s'mores and staring up into the wide, brilliant expanse of stars above you, you'll begin to feel the power of your own unlimited possibilities. So go ahead! Start discovering the world around you!

Summer Resident Camp

In addition to day camps and camporees, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana offers summer resident camp opportunities each year at Bear Creek Aquatic Camp and Camp Pennyroyal. These are overnight camping experiences with various themes. Sessions generally last between 4 to 12 days. Visit the Summer Camp page for more information.

Camp Properties

Kentuckiana has seven wonderful and well-maintained camp properties. Be sure to visit the Camp Properties Page for more information.

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