Position Statement - Mining of Area Near Camp Pennyroyal

Menisa Marshall



February 7, 2012

In an ideal world, Girl Scouts would like to see Camp Pennyroyal and the surrounding communities left in an “untouched” state for future generations to enjoy. While Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana is committed to protecting and promoting the value of nature, we acknowledge that Western Kentucky Minerals has a legal right to operate and conduct its business within established laws and regulations.  Given that the surface mining may well occur in the next three to five years on property adjacent to ours over which we have no control, Girl Scouts has taken steps to seek assurances and guarantees to the welfare of our girls, adults and employees.  This position statement represents neither support for mining in the area in question, nor any position on any matter of zoning.  It is simply a responsible move to act in the best interest of our girls, volunteers, and other stakeholders to address key issues that relate to monitoring seismic activity and water quality, minimizing excessive noise, dust and disruptive blasting, and outlining remediation options for situations that may arise over the short or long term.


The following links, updated as of June 4, 2012, are provided for informational purposes for those who may be interested in looking at additional resources related to this issue.



Updated information (6/4/2012) - As reported in the link above to WFIE News 14, the Owensboro Planning Commission voted on May 10, 2012 to approve Western Kentucky Minerals' zoning application to mine 692 acres near Camp Pennyroyal.   

IMPORTANT UPDATE ON CAMP PENNYROYAL AS OF 6/4/12: Apparently due to rumors or misleading information, some people have gotten the mistaken impression that Camp Pennyroyal will be closing because of the zoning commission's May 10th vote. This is false information. GSK has no current or foreseeable plans to close Camp Pennyroyal.

Updated information (8/22/2012) - The New York Times wrote a thoughtful piece about the mining dispute which can be found here.


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