Long Range Property Planning Introduction

Menisa Marshall

We are taking the first steps to develop a new Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Long Range Property Plan (LRPP). Camp properties and other council facilities should meet the following benchmarks:

  • Support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through Journeys and Pathways
  • Balance customer satisfaction with an acceptable business model
  • Be well used
  • Be within the council’s ability to fund and maintain safe, functional and attractive sites and facilities that support the Girl Scout image and brand while enabling our girls to have a fun, positive experience.

In the near future, working with GSUSA consultants, task groups will be formed with responsibilities that include:

  • Compile market research about the needs and wants of girls and adults in our jurisdiction including member and non-member girls and their families
  • Complete analysis of outdoor programing for girls and how it supports the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Journeys and Girl Pathways
  • Develop quality, use and costs performance standards and complete quality, use and cost assessment of each site and facility
  • Develop recommendations to align our assets with council strategic priorities

These task groups will include volunteers, staff and members of the community with expertise in property planning and development. We will be working with GSUSA to define the number of task groups needed, their purpose and key duties.

Currently Kentuckiana staff is compiling data that will be needed for the LRPP process. This data includes:
• Operational cost analysis of each of our camps and service centers
• Multi-year occupancy rates and attendance figures for each camp
• A deferred maintenance inventory for each camp
• “Facility Condition Index” for each camp facility (deferred maintenance cost / building value)
• An updated 5-year long range maintenance plan

The timeline for the development of a Long Range Property Plan is a work in progress, but our initial goal is to have a plan to present at the October 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors in collaboration with the CEO will determine the process we will use to make this decision, including how to involve operational volunteers in the process.  There will be ample opportunity for operational volunteers to give input to the board.


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