Space School Fuels Teen's Passion for World Cultures, Travel

Menisa Marshall

When Morgan Huston, an Ambassador Girl Scout from Murray, KY, set out to attend the United Space School this summer, her chief aim was to meet youth from other countries. As one of only two U.S. high school students selected to attend the elite academic program affiliated with NASA, Morgan got that and then some.  

Soon after she arrived at the school in Houston, TX—her first plane trip and first time to travel alone—Morgan joined students from 18 counties for what she calls an “incredible eye opening experience.”  At the school, Morgan met students from Canada, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, South Africa, Italy, France, Germany, England, Russia and India. She keeps in touch with many of them today.

Using hands-on training from astronauts and international cosmonauts, scientists, and engineers the school introduces students to various disciplines working in human space flight. During her two weeks at the school, Morgan worked as part of a four-student team with aerospace professionals on an assignment to design a manned mission to Mars.

Morgan says her most memorable experience at Space School was the culture fair with ethnic foods and traditions from students’ various cultures. “I definitely want to travel the world and maybe find a career in international work,” says the high school senior who plans to attend Murray State University.

Morgan earned her spot at this highly competitive program by completing a math and science-focused project tied to the same Mars assignment her team worked on while at the school. Her problem solving and people skills were also assessed by a selection panel with former space camp members and faculty from her school, Murray High School. Morgan credits her 12 years in Girl Scouting—she started in kindergarten and is a member of Troop 1105 —for helping her gain the skills, confidence and interest in other cultures that led to her selection.


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