Girls Scouts of Kentuckiana - Juliettes

Juliettes (Individually Registered Girls)

So maybe a troop isn't for you or maybe your current troop is disbanding or you’re waiting to be placed in a troop. Juliette Girl Scouts could be the answer for you!!!  As a Juliette you can participate in every aspect of Girl Scouting. You can attend camp, events, go on trips, earn awards and badges, you can even sell cookies!! Adults who mentor and/or assist a Juliette may also register as an adult Girl Scout. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should girls waiting to be placed in a troop (wait-list) be registered as Juliettes?

A: Yes! If there are girls whose troops cannot be formed for several months, they should be registered as Juliettes so they can participate in Girl Scout activities as soon as possible. Parents should be fully informed when completing their membership registration forms that they are considered a Juliette, to participate as an individual with an adult family member, until a troop becomes available. Girls can participate in other Girl Scout activities as a Juliette while troops are being organized.

Q: Can Juliettes earn badges and journey awards?

A: Juliettes are eligible to participate in most opportunities that are available to troops. At times Juliettes may have to complete activities slightly differently than a traditional troop, for example: Juliette Girl Scouts can use friends and family to act as their “troop” to complete activities designed for groups such as Take Action Projects (in the Journey).

Q: Is there a special uniform or emblem for Juliettes?

A: Juliette Girl Scouts may choose to purchase uniform components appropriate for her Girl Scout level. 

Q: How do Juliettes find out about events?

A: Juliettes find out about events just like troops do! All registered Girl Scouts can visit our Website to find out about upcoming Council-sponsored events, upcoming program activities, and camp activities.

Q: Can Juliettes be involved with events and activities in their local area?

A: Yes! Local service units should include Juliettes in their local Girl Scout activities and have a contact person that can provide local information to Juliettes in their area. Juliettes participating in local service unit activities should pay the same service unit dues as girl in troops do. 

Sounds Great!!! Sign Me Up!!! 

To register, fill out the online registration. Registration is $30 and covers your year membership to Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana as well as GSUSA. These fees provide accident insurance for girls participating in Girl Scout activities. Financial assistance is available.

How would you like to participate?

The freedom to choose how you will participate in Girl Scouts has never been so easy! By dividing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience into six different pathways, girls are able to determine their own journeys and experiences. Girls can participate in all, one, or any combination of pathways depending on their interests. 

Camp – Unplug from your everyday demands and explore the great outdoors with a group of like-minded girls.  Would you like to learn more about nature and the environment?  Hike?  Bike?  Canoe? Come camping with us!  You can choose to camp by day or overnight.

Events – Have high energy, but limited availability?  You’ll interact with girls, excite passions, and become your best self.  Maybe you have more than one passion.  If so, you can attend multiple events throughout the year and learn about what interests you the most.

Series – Looking for a chance to participate without a long-term commitment?  Then come share your passion with a focused group of girls in an area of interest in four or more sessions.  

Travel – Explore the world – or at least your corner of it – by planning a trip, earning money, and preparing for the adventures of travel.  Ready to get started?  Pack your bags – Girl Scouts are going places!  Whether you choose to travel across town or around the world, the adventure will stay with you forever.

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