The MakerPlace Junior Workshops

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Date & Time

6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Sponsored by: The MakerPlace

Who should attend:
  • Girl Scout Juniors & Family

The MakerPlace allows kids and families to bring ideas and inventions to life. At this workshop, we'll make animals or other objects out of typical craft supplies - and then we'll add a vibrating motor and power supply to make them MOVE!  We'll also add LEDs to make them shine! 

These workshops are geared toward Girl Scout Juniors.  The workshops are open to both youth and the adult of their choice – mom, dad, big sister/brother, or neighbor.  Troops are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Workshop Information:

Each youth that attends the workshop will be exposed to many different media:  textiles, wood working, electrical circuitry, joining, cutting, soldering, and much more!  They’ll learn how these different media can be combined to create one-of-a-kind projects.

Adults are there to work alongside the youth, not to be full participants in the workshop.  They will not be making their own projects, but assisting the youth and being exposed to the maker movement and the many different media.

The cost to attend the workshop is $12.00 per youth, with one adult attending with them for free.  Extra adults are $5.00 each.  No youth may be dropped off at this workshop.  However, one adult may accompany up to 3 youth. 

Questions:  Contact Janis Kidd at 502-716-7228 or

Junior Workshop Dates

January 11 - Elizabethtown PLC
January 30 - Louisville PLC
February 8 - First Christian Church, Salem, IN
February 10 - Louisville PLC
April 12 - Bowling Green PLC
April 17 - Louisville PLC
May 3 - Owensboro PLC
May 10 - Paducah PLC
June 9 - Louisville PLC
June 14 - Elizabethtown PLC
July 12 - First Christian Church, Salem, IN
July 24 - Louisville PLC
August 9 - Owensboro PLC
August 11 - Louisville PLC
September 4 - Louisville PLC
September 13 - Bowling Green PLC
October 11 - Paducah PLC
October 13 - Louisville PLC
November 6 - Louisville PLC

Event Cost

Admission Pricing

Girl Scout: $12.00

Additional Fees

Adult - Additional: $5.00


Louisville Program and Learning Center
2115 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40206

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