The following Tasks have been completed;

Tours of all the properties owned and leased by Kentuckiana have been completed.

A deferred maintenance listing is in process of being compiled

Occupancy rates for past five years have been completed.

5 year all camp attendance.xlsx

5 Year Camp Attendance Snapshot.pdf

May 23, 2013 Reports have been submitted for  review and use  by the Long Range Property Planning Committee

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Charge to Property Research Task Group: This taskforce is charged with the responsibility of the "What we have" part of the task  This group is researching the cost of the properties to own/ lease, use and operate.  This is a "Data driven" group who's responsibility is to bring a clear picture to the following taskforces of what Kentuckiana currently has and how those properties are being utilitized or not being utilitized.

The Property Research Task Force Consists of the following members.

John Vaughan: Mr. Vaughan has 25 plus years in engineering, construction road construction and management. John has been a member of the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana for many years and has extensive history with Kentuckiana’s camps.

Lisa Freeman: Ms. Freeman is a Park Ranger for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Taylorsville Lake, KY. Lisa is a lifelong Girl Scout and has expertise in park and property management.

Gary Kleier Mr. Kleier has over 33 years of professional experience as an Architect including: Historic Renovation / Restoration / Adaptive reuse; Forensic investigations; Expert witness; Service as a Landmarks Commissioner Gary is the author of numerous articles on historic renovation and has been an ongoing consultant for Girl Scouts.

Alan Sawyers: Mr. Sawyers has over 15 years in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry with a focus on developing more energy efficient systems.

Patrick Hamsley: Mr. Hamsley is an expert in security and systems management. He also brings a wealth of knowledge and passion about camping and the practical applications of the ADAA.

Jed Johnson: Facilities Director for the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana


The Property Research Task Group will take the first steps toward the development a new Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Long Range Property Plan (LRPP). Camp properties and other council facilities should meet the following benchmarks:

  • Support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through Journeys and Pathways
  • Balance customer satisfaction with an acceptable business model
  • Be well used
  • Be within the council’s ability to fund and maintain safe, functional and attractive sites and facilities that support the Girl Scout image and brand while enabling our girls to have a fun, positive experience.

This task group will gather the needed property data for the development of a final LRPP. In addition to the property data two additional task groups; The Membership/Market Research Task Group and the Program Research Taskforce will be contributing to a final LRPP. Taskforce chairs from the Property, Membership and Program Taskforces will present their respective summary reports to the LRPP Task Group and be a part of that task group.

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