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Long-Range Property Planning

The objective of a Long RangeProperty Plan is to develop sites and facilities that support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, support the Girl Scout Brand and create a property portfolio that is aligned with Kentuckiana’s financial and fund development priorities.  In order for the Board to make informed decisions and the CEO to develop Action Plans, a LRPP must answer the following questions:

 1.    What do we have?                       Condition, use and cost to operate

2.    Where we want to be?               Vision, customer value, financial priorities

3.    What we have to do?                  Alignment of assets and operations

4.    How we get there ?                     Prioritized 3-Year “Action Plans” addressing strategic priorities

We will use objective market data, program and property data  and Strategic Learning to answer these four questions.

This process includes:

  •  Compiling a random sample  of market research data from girls and adult volunteers in the council jurisdiction, both members and non-members
  •  An assessment of program supporting the Girl Scout Leadership Experience
  •  An assessment of facilities in meeting safe, functional and aesthetic performance standards
  •  An assessment of membership usage of sites and facilities
  • An assessment of the cost of programs expressed as per girl/per day

Facility and Maintenance Performance Standards

Uniform facility quality and performance standards facilitate a quality outdoor experience that both supports the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and Girl Scout Brand, and align properties and facilities with council financial and fund development priorities. 

 Highly effective, high performing facilities are:


        • Free of health and safety hazards
        • Structure is plumb and level, and free of construction defects
        • Meets or exceed government regulations and industry standards


  • Facility is adequately designed or renovated for its current uses
  • Maintenance is current or minor deferred maintenance needed
  • Facility is clean and orderly
  • Comply with Americans with Disabilities Act


        • Coordinated exterior and interior paint and stain palate
        • Appropriate wall covering and flooring for current uses
        • Appropriate and coordinated furniture for designated uses

Well Used                       

      • Occupancy/use rate that provides a satisfactory financial return



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